KeyShot 10 is available now

Why do Professionals choose KeyShot?

KeyShot is widely recognized as the industry-leading visualization solution for design and engineering professionals on both macOS and Windows, and the easiest, most powerful when it comes to presenting concepts for design reviews, exploring digital prototypes, and creating final visuals for marketing and sales – all from your 3D data.

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KeyShot License options

KeyShot 10 HD

KeyShot HD has all the tools needed to create stunning visuals, including, but not limited to the following:

  • CPU Ray Tracing (with GPU Mode)
  • Unlimited Real-Time / Output Resolution
  • 850+ Material Presets
  • 80+ HDRI Environments
Keyshot 9 HD

KeyShot 10 Pro

KeyShot Pro has all the features of KeyShot HD and many more used to create beautiful animations and realistic scenes.

  • All KeyShot HD Features
  • KeyShot Animation
  • Geometry Shaders (Displace, Flakes, Fuzz, Bubbles)
  • Interactive HDRI Editor / Sun & Sky

KeyShot 10 Pro Floating

KeyShot Pro Floating is the floating license version of KeyShot Pro. It allows for KeyShot to be run on several machines* with the license(s) served from a central server on your network using FlexNet from Flexera. It also includes the Animation add-on. Here is a detailed list of features:

  • All KeyShot Pro features
  • KeyShot Animation
  • FlexNet based server license (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
  • Floating license manager

KeyShot 10 Enterprise

KeyShot Enterprise is a all encompassing solution, including KeyShot Pro Floating, Animation, KeyShotXR, Siemens NX plugin and Network Rendering (32 cores):

  • All Pro Floating Features
  • Interactive KeyShotWeb
  • 32 Cores Network rendering)
  • Plugin for Siemens NX


KeyVR creates an immersive VR experience for any KeyShot scene. Features include:

  • One-Click VR from KeyShot
  • Material and Environment variations
  • Model Set and Animation support
  • No coding, minimal prep


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KeyShot Add-Ons

KeyShot Network Rendering

KeyShot Network Rendering allows you to take advantage of either the CPU or GPU power available with your other computers or on your computer network to render images and animations faster.

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KeyShotWeb allows you to create web-ready interactive content directly from KeyShot. Comprised of two main feature sets, KeyShot XR and Web Configurator,  you can quickly create customized touch-enabled product views that can be displayed in any web browser, tablet or PowerPoint/Keynote. 

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